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Date: 28/03/13

In an effort to put on a better show for the paying spectator, we've put together a new system for pairing competitors up to race each round in our Heads Up Pro Classes.

The old system used a seeding system based on the competitors qualifying position and from there a system to choose who would race who in the next round. This system works great if every competitor makes each round of racing. More often than not with these highly strung cars, we'd end up with a couple of competitors not making a round.

This in turn meant a number of solo or bye runs which is just not entertaining for the crowd or the competitor.

So to remedy this, the pairings will be chosen at random using a "Kelly's Pool" style system. Each racer will have their race number on a ball and before each round the balls will be drawn to see who races who. If a pairing has run before the balls will go back into the shaker and drawn again.
Idea being no 2 competitors will meet each other in a round of racing more than once. In the case of an odd numbered field, the top qualifier will get the bye/solo run followed by the next top qualifier and so on.

The classes that will use this new system are Factory Xtreme, Pro Turbo, Pro Compact, Pro 289, Modified 10.5 & Extreme 10.5.

We believe the new system will ensure a better and more exciting show for everyone involved.