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Date: 20/09/13 - Via Pac Performance

No matter how good your time management is or how hard you try to stick to a plan when it comes to race cars, it’s a very rare occurrence where everything happens as it should and things simply fall into place in the lead up to an event… That’s fact!

What you’re about to read about and see here is just one example of how things can quickly turn from good to bad, throwing a major spanner in the works and adding pressure to an already stressful week.

Rewind to Tuesday night, just 48hrs before the Mazda6 SP needs to leave Sydney for the long drive north for the Brisbane Jamboree. Rocky, George and the team roll the Mazda6 SP onto the dyno to give the car a quick run to check it over for any potential leaks or other issues; the usual procedure before we head out to an event.

Running the car up, everything is looking good and the team are starting to un-wind knowing that’s one less thing they have to worry about, when suddenly…..*BANG*

Like a road-side bomb, one the 4WD tyres that are used while the car is on the roller dyno explodes, de-laminating the tread in tremendous fashion sending shards of rubber and steel belting flying through the dyno room; a large section still attached destroying the carbon fibre wheel tub, bending brackets, braking lexan windows and making a real mess of the rear quarter panel in the process.

As you could imagine, once the team came out from their duck n cover positions and the dust n rubber settled they were devastated to see the damage; thinking that our 2013 Jambo campaign had ended before it even began...

However, after a few choice words, a lot of them too graphic to write here the team as always decided that they would not let this incident ruin their plans for a big weekend of racing and so first thing Wednesday morning the car was on the jacks and the damaged panels stripped out in preparation for repairs.

Looking at the photos of the carbon fibre tub above and bodywork below you can just imagine the force that the shredded tyre tread had to be able to make such a mess of the high strength carbon fibre material. There was a lot of work ahead but we've been down similar roads before and always come out smiling.

After an epic effort last night that saw the whole crew along with carbon fibre master Ian Pollard and a few close friends working on the car until 5am this morning, the damage has been repaired and a new carbon fibre wheel tub installed.

Although there is still some work to go before she's loaded onto the truck tonight we're on the home stretch and once again things are looking good. It's been a massive effort by all and we're feeling a bit worse-for-ware but once we arrive at Willowbank Raceway on Friday and fire her up and put on a show for the fans it will all be worth it!

None of this could have been possible without the awesome team of people we had helping us out; Joe Meake, Jordan Howard, Chris Field, Emmanuel Mann, Steve Barnett, Ross & Bianca Camuglia and special thanks to Ian Pollard for the carbon fibre repairs and Simon Hay for going out of his way, driving a 5hr round trip all the way from the ACT to bring us some spares.

Look out Brisbane, Pac Performance is coming!!