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Date: 5/03/14

As the country’s premier Sports Compact Drag Racing event continues to announce sweeping changes designed at enhanced levels of spectator and entrant enjoyment, promoter Ray Box admits that a format update for Queensland might seem odd if people didn’t know all the facts.

“It doesn’t sound right; we’re improving the event to bring people more and it seems like we’re bringing them less. The truth is that updating the event from two days to one day will be a step forward for the event; it’s massive news and people should be excited!”

Traditionally the two-day drag racing spectacular, held at Willowbank Raceway, spreads the action out over Saturday and Sunday, with little provision for rain days or any other contingency. “Be it at Sydney or Queensland, weather has impacted Jamboree seriously over the last few years and we realise now that we have to make provisions for it,” explains Ray, before elaborating that grey skies weren’t the only concern.

“The nature of racing has changed for people. We have more interstate competitors that we need to account for, and we just can’t have them finish racing on the Sunday then turn around and drive several hours back to their base – it’s been a deterrent for people for years now.”

The upside for spectators is that they’ll now get more bang-for-their-buck – more show cars in the show’n’shine, more babes on stage, more crowd in the grandstand and non-stop racing action all through the day and in to the evening.

“Two days’ worth of action packed in to one day is going to be a huge challenge for our team, but when we pull it off we know the result will be worth it for the fans. The idea is that the action will never stop; we’ll be recreating the atmosphere of events gone by, and improving on it, too.

“We’re excited about this! Imagine all of the PBs, the action and the atmosphere packed in to one day! We’re racing in to the night as well, with the cooler conditions better for some hard-fought finals, and the spectacle of racing at night will be unrivalled – imagine the two-step flames under the lights at Willowbank on Saturday night!” exclaims Ray.

Streamlining the process for spectators was a major motivation for the format update, and now for the cost of a single day’s entry show-goers can enjoy some of the best drag racing the country has to offer. “This move will be better for those that work weekends as we’ll be racing in to the evening – there’s no reason for anyone to miss any of the action at Jambo’ this year,” adds Ray.

More information on the new-look Jamboree 24 at Willowbank Raceway on 30 August, 2014 will be available at the start of April at