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Date: 22/2/09

We'd like to take this opportunity to welcome Queen St Racing & PSR Car Care & Repair Centre as Naming Rights Sponsors for the 2009 Compak Attak.

With a brand new premises 6 times larger than the original, Queen St Racing have announced that 2009 is the year for them to Shine.

2008 saw a few set backs for QSR, with the team moving to the new premises, the rebuilding of the E46 and the re-building of the Gemini.

They are pleased to announce that in 2009 QSR will be racing 3 cars, owned and driven by Mohammed Ibrahim.
First up is the original “BAR B” BMW E36 running with a 20b turbo. This all Australian built car has already ran an impressive 7.1 @197mph. Next the QSR E46 BMW is coming back out with it’s all new carbon fibre panels, bonnet stretched and 1 piece clip on front. This car is hiding a 26b turbo and is putting out a massive 1664 hp, making it one of the most powerful rotary engine in the world.

With over 600,000 hits already on you-tube many people are just waiting to see results when testing begins and hopefully this car and engine will be running some serious numbers this year. Later this year QSR will have the BAR-B8Z Gemini coming back out with it’s RB30 inside. This is the engine that has seen Maatouks Racing run into the 8.2s in their VL. Very impressive for a rookie!!

But QSR are counting on the fact 300kg less weight will allow their car to run into the 7s.

All of these cars will be racing under a united color theme, sporting QSR’s new colours black and red, previously seen on the likes of their R100 and the E36 BMW they are currently racing. There is also a very strong rumour circulating of a new sponsor coming on board, and if this works out for them, we will see their new logo and colours on the cars also.

We also hear there are some exciting new recruits to the QSR stable. Nick Tsoltoudis has joined them with his pink RX3. This car is currently the quickest RX3 in the world and constantly likes to drive on 2 wheels and is often seen trying to fly. Also joining them will be NUT003 ,YGO20B with it’s 20b engine and an United States imported Mazda, which the team are keeping under covers until it has touched down and is ready to race.

Queen St has also just finished filming a pilot episode for an international network which could lead to a tv show based on the lifestyle of the Queen St boys and the cars they build and race. This could go into production for release in 2009/2010.

All this on top of the show/street and race cars that are currently being built such as the S2000s, the IS250s,the bridgeported RX8 just to name a few.

So keep an eye on the QSR team coz it looks like 2009 is going to be a big year for the QSR stable….. not bad for the boys that started as a little panel shop from the suburbs. Now their ready to take on the World!!!!