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Date: 25/2/09

Recently, there have been a number of rule issues regarding the Street 289 Class and the debate has centred around rear end modifications and their legality.

In an effort to sought through the issues, Sport Compact Group conducted meetings with Street 289 racers in both Sydney and Brisbane in order to establish a way to move the class forward in a positive and clear direction. Of the racers who attended, an over whelming majority voted to run with the ANDRA Oz Mod Rules.

The Sport Compact Group are pleased with decision because the Group can concentrate its resources on the promotional side of Sport Compact rather than spending too much time regarding rules in this class.

Don't get me wrong, we love this class with it's on the edge excitement but our time can be better spent putting bums on seats to help grow Sport Compact making Australia's Sport Compact scene the biggest in the world.

So, at the Compak Attak on March 15th, we'll be running under the ANDRA Oz Mod Class Rules. Vehicles that were legal under the 2008 Street 289 class rules will still be allowed to race. ANDRA's Rob Sharp and Technical Officer, Dave Baker will be in attendance at the Compak Attak and plan to inspect every Street 289/Oz Mod car throughout the event and log any problems.

Click HERE to see the ANDRA Oz Mod Rules. If you need any clarrification on these rules please connect ANDRA Head Office on (08) 8271 5355 or email David Baker via