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Date: 19/6/09

You heard it! Craig Dyson from Dyson Performance, better known in the Rotary performance arena, will step into the drivers seat of a Gas Motorsport supported 2JZ powered Toyota Celica, at this years Fast Fours & Rotaries Jamboree.

The Celica in question was originally owned and campaigned by Titan Motorsports in the US. Up until 2 weeks ago, Titan Motorsports were bringing the Celica to Australia to compete in the car for the last time at the Fast Fours & Rotaries Jamboree. After that the car would stay in Australia until sold.

At the recent Castrol EDGE Winternationals on June 7th the deal was done, that now sees another top line Pro Turbo car join the Australian Sport Compact scene. The Celica will be sponsored and supported by Gas Motorsport of Sydney, with ongoing support and training for the Dyson Performance team. The Gas Motorsport stable is expanding rapidly with 3 of the worlds quickest Sport Compact cars under it's banner.

There has been plenty of talk about the potential of these Pro Turbo class cars becoming a Group 1 class in ANDRA Championship Drag Racing. This was a major factor in Dyson's decision to purchase the Celica. Click HERE to view some youtube footage of this Celica in action.

"If over the next couple of years Pro Turbo was to become an ANDRA Championship class, we wanted to be on top of the game. Purchasing a car like this with sponsorship support from Gas Motorsport we see as the first step to joining the professional drag racing ranks". said Dyson.

Now I'm sure the Rotary fans out there will be saying that Dyson has turned his back on the Rotaries by purchasing a piston powered vehicle. This would be nothing further from the truth. Craig is still heavily involved in the Rotary Performance business and has also purchased the 13B powered rear engine dragster from his nephew Andrew Dyson. The dragster has had a complete front to back rebuild that will see Craig racing it in the Extreme class at this years Fast Fours & Rotaries Jamboree too. On top of that Craig will also battle the black stuff on 2 wheels in the Sports Bike class on his Suzuki Hayabusa road bike. 3 drives at the 1 events means the Dyson boys will have to be on their game.

Dyson plans to be testing in mid August so stay tuned for updates.