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Date: 6/9/09

Sport Compact Group President, Ray Box announced today that the 2009 Fast Fours & Rotaries Jamboree, is set to be the biggest and fastest yet with confirmation that Titan Motorsports of Orlando, Florida will be racing their ‘Camo Copper’ Scion Pro Turbo car at the iconic Queensland event.

The Titan Motorsports Scion currently holds the world record for Sport Compact vehicles with an amazing 6.428-second pass at 219.33 mph (352.97km/h). The team will be looking to improve on that mark at the Willowbank Raceway event.

“The Titan Motorsports team is looking forward to our trip ‘Down Under’. We have a good relationship with some of the Australian racers and we are looking forward to mixing it with the best teams and workshops when we get to Willowbank Raceway. ” said Titan’s CEO, Nero Deliwala.


The Australian and New Zealand teams have been closing in on the world record in recent months and they will be looking to beat the world record and take home the Jamboree title. New Zealand’s fastest Sport Compact team of Rod Harvey & Terry Bowden, recently punched out an impressive 6.54-seconds with a best mph of 215.21 (346.34km/h) at Willowbank Raceway.

Our Rayglass Toyota Celica is getting faster and faster as we fine tune the chassis, clutch and engine package. Our recent testing has shown that we are getting closer to the mark. We’ll be on it for Jamboree!” commented Harvey.

Joe Signorelli too has been recording quarter mile times in the 6.5-second zone in recent months.  A 6.503-seconds @ 217.67 mph (350.30km/h ) in fact and they too will be looking for accolades at the world’s premier Sport Compact event through the Gas Motorsport workshop he runs with Gary Goodman.

“Obviously we have a good relationship with Nero and his team. Having said that, this is our backyard and we will be looking to kick their butts at the Fast Fours and Rotaries Jamboree. The fact that they are making the trip down here shows just how strong Sport Compact is in Australia.” s
ays Signorelli.

The J19 event is shaping up as the biggest in an amazing 19-year history for the Sport Compact Group.

“This is a transformational event for Sport Compact Group. We are running two massive events this season and to have Titan Motorsport involved is just fantastic result and one for which we are deeply grateful,” Sport Compact Group’s Ray Box said to a gathering of media.

“Our work in changing the number of events was aimed at ensuring the long-range success of Sport Compact events by devoting resources to support the events to the maximum,”
said Box.

“Titan’s confirmed attendance gives our group a big jumpstart on the J19 event and vindicates our approach to maximising two huge events. It will be fantastic to see the Scion takes on the likes of Rehayem, Signorelli, Harvey, Glassett, Wedlock and others. Our guys will be racing against the very best.”

For those not familiar with Scion, it is a marquee produced by Toyota for the North American market. Titan Motorsport dominated the NHRA/NOPI Sport Compact Series of events for many years and the Scion is the most developed of all of their racecars.

Recently, Titan has been making waves in the ADRL Extreme 10.5 class against the V8 competition. The ADRL Extreme 10.5 class races over an eighth mile and Titan's other Scion has achieved a 4.101-second ET with a best of 182.55mph.

Titan’s Nero Deliwala is relishing the prospect of unleashing their Scion on Willowbank Raceway’s legendary surface. Whether you are into Sport Compact drag racing or not, the 2009 Fast Fours & Rotaries Jamboree will be an event not to miss!