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Date: 30/9/09

The Pac Performance Mazda6 has officially become the world’s fastest rotary-powered vehicle over the 1/4 mile.

Running in qualifying at the Fuchs Australian Nationals at Western Sydney International Dragway on September 12th, driver Rocky Rehayem pushed his Mazda6 over the quarter-mile in just 6.752 seconds at 201.67mph.

This supreme effort bettered the previous world record held by Abel Ibarra from California USA which had stood since 2005, making the Pac Performance Mazda6 the fastest rotary anywhere in the world.

An appreciative crowd of over 30,000 was there to see history being made and race fans were delighted to see an Australian team claim the title of the world’s fastest rotary. The Pac Performance Mazda6 had shown promise in the months leading up to the Nationals, including a 6.825 second pass at the Fast Fours & Rotaries Jamboree and for many, this world - beating run was what they had been waiting to see.

The 2008 Mazda6 Pac Performance car has been heavily modified to compete on the drag racing circuit. Power is delivered via a single-turbo, triple-rotor Mazda engine which has been on the receiving end of some cutting edge engineering by brothers Rocky, George & Rodney Rehayem and the crew at Pac Performance. These enhancements have resulted in the Mazda rotary producing in excess of 1,500 horsepower.

Additional strength and weight savings are achieved by the use of aerospace-grade materials throughout the Pac Performance Mazda6. The chassis is chrome-moly while the body and brakes are full carbon fibre. Steering components are constructed from titanium while magnesium is used for the transmission case.

Initially attracted to rotary engines because of their simplicity, Sydney-based Pac Performance has established itself at the forefront of rotary technology in Australia and the world. This most recent success has been built on many years of experience gained through the development and racing of high performance rotary engines.