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Date: 11/02/10

The 2010 Sport Compact Group class rule amendments have just been released. Pro Turbo, Pro Compact, Outlaw Sports Bike and Outlaw 10.5 have had changes from 2009. All other classes have remained the same.

Pro Turbo has seen a few changes as part of the development of the class for the future along with areas that needed addressing. The biggest change is that from 1/1/2012, Pro Turbo will be a full chassis class and body's must be 1990 of newer. For full details on the Pro Turbo changes click HERE.

Pro Compact has also under gone a number of changes. The gap in ET between the full chassis and 3/4 chassis cars is growing each year in Pro Turbo so 3-rotor & 6 Cyl 3/4 chassis cars will now be allowed to run in Pro Compact if they wish. After the 1/1/2012 they wont be permitted in Pro Turbo. You'll also see changes to bring Pro Compact in to inline with Pro Turbo in areas. For full details on the Pro Compact changes click HERE

Outlaw Sports Bike has seen a change to the number of bikes that will race in elimination. Basically the quickest 8 qualifiers will progress to eliminations and will race utilising a Heads Up Pro Tree start and will race using a Chicago Shootout format. Non-qualifiers will drop back into the Sports Bike class. For full details on the Outlaw Sports Bike changes click HERE

Outlaw 10.5 has had a change to the tyres allowed due to popular demand. Tyres must be stamped 10.5 or less on sidewalls. Maximum rear tyre width, regardless of temperature or wear, not to exceed 11.5”. Maximum roll out of 105”.  10.5w tyres that meet the above requirements permitted. For full details on the Outlaw 10.5 changes click HERE