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Date: 3/03/10

We are proud to welcome Haltech as the Naming Rights sponsor for the 2010 Compak Attak.

Haltech is a wholly owned Australian company based out of Sydney with a commitment to the design and production of high performance electronic systems for use in modern race cars and high performance street applications. Established in 1984 Haltech was the first company to develop laptop programmable engine management systems, holding the patents to this technology to this day.

Haltech has built a solid reputation over recent years for providing racers with a high quality cost effective solution to their electronic requirements, no longer just supplying engine management but also a full range of data acquisition and data logging technologies. Haltech's rise to the top has been fueled by a continual thirst for quality and a commitment product development.

Haltech's current platinum range of ECU's are being used extensively by racers in the sports compact scene, heading the pack are the 6 second 2JZ powered Celica of GAS Motorsport and the 2JZ powered Scion from Titan Motorsports in the USA, both of which will be appearing at this year’s Compak Attak.

For all the latest from Haltech checkout their website or drop in and see the Haltech Team at the Compak Attak on March 28th at Sydney Dragway.