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Date: 29/4/10

The 2010 Haltech Compak Attak bought a truly international flavour to Sydney Dragway. Returning to Australian shores was American Gary White to steer the Titan Motorsports Scion and the New Zealand Rayglass Boats Celica of Rod Harvey.

A beautiful day dawned at Sydney Dragway on March 28, bringing with it a mass of competitors and spectators who were guaranteed an action packed day both on and off the racetrack.

The Hot4s Show-N-Shine cars started the display early in the day and saw the Subaru WRX of Danny Makdessi take the Haltech Best of the Show and Ali Nagi (Lexus IS200) and Justin Whyte (Subaru WRX) coming in 2nd and 3rd. Hot 4s Magazine handed out a swag of trophies including Top Lowrider (Jason Luttrell, Toyota Landcruiser), Top Body Kit (Jason Lazarevic, Mazda RX7) and Best Trade Display (Hot 4s Magazine).

Action on track started at 8.30am with almost 40 World Time Attack Street Compact cars. Several competitors went quicker than the 11second cutoff however it was Michael Ryan in his Ford Falcon running 11.010 at 120mph who took top qualifier. Racing was a tough process with 5 rounds of eliminations. Aaron Murphy took home the winners trophy racing his Ford Typhoon and running a 14.36 at 90mph over Jeremy Gilberts Nissan Silvia that broke on the startline.

Ten competitors fronted Torque Calibration Services All Motor. Craig “The Sheriff” Wasson drove his Mazda RX3 to the Top Qualifier position with a 9.64. Volkswagen power ruled the day as Peter Page drove his 1964 Beetle to the finals after a P.B. of 10.937 @ 120.62 where he met Joseph Di Giorgio and his Honda Civic. Page had the better reaction time and ran a consistent 11.09@111mph to take the win over Di Giorgio break out 11.74@113mph.

Hi-Octane Performance Coatings Modified Compact saw a wide variety of vehicles enter Haltech Compak Attak. From the Nissan Silvia of Ryan Blank to the Honda Integra of Bruce Cullimore it was Vince Rigoli the quickest in qualifying with the 3.8ltr Holden powered Datsun Ute running 8.075@167mph. Close behind Rigoli was Nikki Dunlop's Mitsubishi EVO in 2nd with a stunning 8.62@161mph.

Rigoli was unable to contest eliminations and suddenly the 17-car field was down to 9 with several breakages. Semi finals had Dunlop against David Mercieca in the 13b turbo powered Datsun Ute. Mercieca had the better start and stayed in front to grab the win running 9.76 to Dunlop’s 8.75. The second semi final run had Joe Chetcuti on a solo who simply staged and accepted the green light in the RX2. The final was a heads up race due to both Chetcuti and Mercieca dialling in 9.70. Chetcuti had a great reaction time which he turned into a win running 9.78 against Mercicea's 10.10.

The wild boys of Gas Motorsports Street 289 never fail to put on an exciting show. With only a 28x9inch slick to plant the copious amounts of horsepower this is one of the toughest classes to master. The entire field was held by Mazda's, except for the Holden Gemini's of Mouhamed Ibrahim and Daniel Swanney. It was the Mazfix RX7 of Chris Hall that would dominate qualifying and run 8.523@159mph for the number one position.

Eliminations had some tough battles but through to the semi-finals saw Hall take the win over the red-lighting RX7 of Joe Pasqua and Rodney Spannenberg's RX7 running a 10.22 win over Antonio De Oliveria's slowing Mazda 1000. Gas Motorsports Street 289 final was looking to be a close race. Hall had done a lot of testing in the lead up to Haltech Compak Attak and Spannenberg was certainly no stranger to the racetrack. Spannenberg proved too keen and red lit his way to runner up handing the win to Hall who drove the Mazfix RX7 to a 9.55 over Spannenberg's 9.70.

GCG Turbochargers Outlaw 10.5 can be seen as the big sister to Street 289. In qualifying, Jason Both became the Outlaw 10.5 national record holder when he drove his JSN Enterprises RX3 to a 7.55@179. This pass also secured Jason as number one qualifier. Peter Pisalidis in the Camaro was 2nd qualifier laying down a 7.84@186mph followed by Damian McKern's RX3

A $2 part put an end to Jason Both's domination in 1st round and Fred Karam also suffered from parts failure which left Pisalidis, McKern, Frank Cannistra and George Haramis to fight out the Chicago shootout in rounds 2 and 3. In the final, the VL Commodore of George Haramis took the trophy running 8.62 over a slowing Pisalidis in the Camaro.

Robert Simmond's owned Rapid Magazine Sports Bike qualifying, racing his Hayabusa to a 9.40@148mph. Just behind him was Andrew McDonald and Mike Darcey in the 15 strong bike field.

Semi Finals in Rapid Magazine Sports Bike and Simmond’s was still in the game racing against Dean Dawes for a spot in the final. Simmond’s prevailed with a 9.27 over Dawes 12.10. The second of the semi finals had the Kawasaki of Joseph Borg beside the Suzuki of Gary Tansley. Despite a better reaction from Tansley, Borg rode around the Suzuki and took the win. In the final of Rapid Magazine Sports Bike, both competitors left well but it was Simmond’s 9.37 to win over Borg's break out 10.18.

Rapid Magazine Outlaw Sports Bike was lead by Leonard Azzopardi running consistent mid 7 second passes at over 190mph.Alex Borg, Matt Gildon and Russ Thomas completed the field all quicker than 8.7 seconds at over 150mph.

The day belonged to the silver bullet Hayabusa or Azzopardi though who did not falter during the 3 rounds of eliminations and beating Matt Gildon in the final with a 7.88 to Gildon's 8.68.

Turbosmart Pro Compact had a new format for the Haltech Compak Attak. Moving the ¾ chassis 20B and 6cyl powered vehicles from Pro Turbo to Pro Compact has bought this heads up class to an exciting new era. Sadek Sadek is one of those competitors who have changed classes running his 20B RX3 for the first time in Pro Compact. Sadek was able to keep the RX3 straight and laid down a 7.21@187mph in the first qualifying session. This pass would hold Sadek in the number 1 qualifying position for the remainder of the day. Unfortunately Sadek wouldn’t return after experiencing boost issues. Rodney Rehayem would leave his best qualifying pass until the third session where he drove the 13B powered PAC Performance RX3 to a 7.45@182mph to gain 2nd position. Vince Rigoli was in third; the Fiat engined Datsun Ute running a solid 7.73@175mph. All eyes were on Steve Dimech as he debuted the former Puerto Rican Steidel Racing Datsun 1200. Dimech still in the learning stages with the car went well with a 7.99@169mph for 4th qualifier. The 3rd Datsun in Turbosmart Pro Compact was that of Ben Bray who sat in 5th position with an 8.13@164mph. Anthony Daquino and Johnny Critticos completed the 7-car field.

Round one of elimination had the RX3 of Rodney Rehayem beside the RX3 of Anthony Daquino. Daquino red lit handing the automatic win to Rehayem. Both cars laid down impressive times for Rehayem a 7.97@176mph and Daquino a 7.48@178mph. It was a battle of the Datsuns in the second pairing as Steve Dimech rotary powered coupe took on the Fiat powered ute of Rigoli. This would one of the closest races of the day. Rigoli went 7.92@170mph to loose against Dimech's holeshot win running a 7.95@169mph. The third pairing had Top Qualifier Sadek beside Ben Bray. Sadek was too keen and red lit wasting his great 7.26@181mph pass handing the win to Bray who went 8.32@163mph in the Castrol Edge Ute.

Round 2 of Turbosmart Pro Compact had 2 piston v. rotor pairings. Rehayem was beside Bray and Dimech against Rigoli. Bray had issues bringing the ute onto boost giving Rehayem a huge head start which Rodney turned into a win running a stout 7.55@176mph. Bray could not catch the 13B with an 8.44@164mph. Dimech’s debut day was getting better and better. Against Rigoli, Dimech had the advantage on the start line and ran a quicker 7.81@169mph to Rigoli's 7.99@172mph to notch another win.

Three cars were able to front for the 3rd round of Turbosmart Pro Compact. Vince Rigoli had the solo and steered his Datto Ute to a 7.83@172mph. Rehayem would take on Dimech. Dimech had the quicker reaction time but could not stay out in front as Rehayem drove by with a quick 7.40@182mph to the Datsuns 7.89@169mph.

The final pairing would come down to Rehayem and Dimech being the 2 competitors with the most wins in the Chicago shootout format. The anticipation was high with both competitors running quicker and quicker all day. Rehayem got a great reaction time but it all went away for him as Dimech kept the accelerator down and went 7.94@169mph to Rehayem’s aborted16 second pass. A brilliant day of racing for Dimech and the new car.

McKern & Associates Pro Turbo drew a large field in qualifying including America’s own Gary White and New Zealander Rod Harvey. White was back on Australian shores to campaign his former the car, the Titan Motorsports Scion. Harvey has been racing his Celica in Australia for the past year and was out to prove why they are the fastest sport compact car in the world.

“Smoking” Joe Signorelli was quickest in qualifying laying down a 6.53@216mph in his GAS Motorsports Celica to be Top Qualifier. Just behind Signorelli was Malcolm Glassett in the Toyota Solara with a 6.62@215mph. The PAC Performance Mazda 6 driven by Rocky Rehayem was 3rd and Gary White slotted into 4th. The Mazfix ProLux of Archie Kajewski was 5th running a 7.26@183mph. Zoran Gajic and Mohammed Ibrahim, both in M3 BMW's were comfortable in 6 and 7 while Glen Hunter, Anthony Penna, Tony Wedlock, Rod Harvey and Nathan Farrugia made up the rest of the 12 car field. Harvey wouldn’t return after damaging the 2JZ’s crank in the 1st qualifier.

Round 1 and only seven cars were able to front. Nathan Farrugia was issued a solo pass and rolled through for 12.07@53mph. Rocky Rehayem took on the Toyota Aurion of Tony Wedlock. Wedlock had a killer reaction but Rehayem drove around him to record a 7.06@170mph to Wedlock's 8.13@192mph. Glassett had an easy win over Ibrahim when the BMW had troubles. Glassett was quickest of the round running 6.73@214mph. Kajewski had issues in the rotary powered hilux against White. The Scion taking the win with a nice 6.87@211mph.

Nathan Farrugia repaired his RX7 in time to compete in round 2 where he faced Rocky Rehayem. Both cars struggled down the racetrack and in pedalfest the win light went to the RX7. Gary White and Tony Wedlock were the second pairing. Tony Wedlock famous for his startline games got the reaction time advantage and took a holeshot win running a 7.12@194mph to Whites much quicker 6.76@213mph.

The third round of McKern & Associates Pro Turbo would decide who was going to the finals. Tony Wedlock and Nathan Farrugia were first pairing with Wedlock taking the win. A 7.07@192 over a 8.19@178 would see the Aurion through to the final. The two Toyota's of Glassett and White would be an epic battle with Glassett getting the win running a 6.61@212mph over Whites 6.99@182mph. The third pairing had rotor v. rotor. The PAC Performance Mazda 6 beside the Mazfix Prolux. Kajewski had problems only running 16.89@50mph, Rehayem too had issues but won with a 9.59@120mph.

Nathan Farrugia had earned enough points in eliminations to meet Wedlock in the final in what would be a classic piston v. rotor battle. Wedlock was again sharpest off the startline but Farrugia gave it all he could and tried to chase the Aurion down. Wedlock was first across the finish line running 7.16@190mph. Farrugia ran well recording a 7.71@179 to take the runner up trophy and end what was a great day of racing.

The 2010 Haltech Compak Attak lived up to all expectations with great racing, big crowd and plenty of off track entertainment. Congratulations go to Ray Box and the Sport Compact Group team for the endless effort in putting together a great event.

The 20th running of the Jamboree will be held at Willowbank Raceway on August 21-22nd 2010 and is guaranteed to be an event not to miss.

Meeting report by Jane Casos